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Journey by Train Deep in the Kyushu Mountains – The Yufuin no Mori Sightseeing Train

The Yufuin no Mori

Yufuin no Mori Lounge
Each train features a small lounge with window-facing seats

The Yufuin no Mori sightseeing train (kanko ressha) has the highest ridership of all of Kyushu’s sightseeing trains. It connects Fukuoka (Hakata) to Oita, with the target destination being the small resort town of Yufuin, nestled among the craggy peaks of the Kyushu Mountain Range.

The Yufuin no Mori trains started running in the early 90s and are starting to show their age, but the seats are comfortable and the big windows offer great views of the deep Kyushu countryside.

Check out the driver’s-eye view from the front row


  • Numerous single-track tunnels that the bulky Yufuin no Mori seems to just barely squeeze through
  • Crisscrossing over mountain rivers as the train makes the gradual climb up to Yufuin
  • Enjoying some tart kabosu (a citrus fruit that Oita is famous for) ice cream as you enjoy the scenery
  • Getting a seat right behind the driver to enjoy the views out the big front windows
  • The imposing figure of Mt. Yufu as you approach the town of Yufuin
  • The quiet town of Bungomori with its vintage railway roundhouse and museum to Eiji Mitooka, designer of most of Kyushu’s sightseeing trains
Bottles of tasty Yufuin Cider are available from the refreshments counter

Quick Facts

Wifi: Yes (but spotty)
Electrical outlets: No
Food: Yes
Included in JR Rail Pass: Yes
Reservations required: Yes
Extra fee for reservation with Rail Pass: No

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