The Ibusuki Tamatebako Sightseeing Train

The Ibusuki Tamatebako runs between Kagoshima-Chuo Station and Ibusuki Station, and takes about 50 minutes one-way. The train was designed by Eiji Mitooka and features a number of east-facing window seats that allow passengers to more comfortably enjoy the views of the Kagoshima Bay and the active Sakurajima volcano.

Ibusuki Tamatebako interior

The destination of the ride is the resort town of Ibusuki, famous for its hot sand baths. Visitors change into robes and lie down on the beach to be covered in sands naturally heated by thermal activity in ground.

Under normal operating conditions, there are three round-trips per day. You can hop on the earliest train, enjoy a hot sand bath and lunch in Ibusuki, then take the Ibusuki Tamatebako back to Kagoshima for the perfect day trip.

Great views of the perpetually smoking Sakurajima for almost the entire train ride

The Ibusuki Tamatebako is one of the shortest sightseeing trains on Kyushu and as such is lower on frills than some of the other trains. It still makes an excellent option if you’re planning on heading to Ibusuki.


  • The window-facing seats (12A-16A in Car 1, free seating in Car 2)
  • The cooling mist sprayed over the train entrances to get passengers in the mood for an onsen

Pairs Nicely With

  • The shinkansen from Fukuoka/Kumamoto (transfer at Kagoshima-Chuo Station)
  • The Kirishima Limited Express or local trains that run to/from Miyazaki

Quick Facts

Wifi: Yes
Electrical outlets: No
Food: Very light fare (pudding, soda, sweet bread)
Included in JR Rail Pass: Yes
Reservations required: Yes (try to get an A window seat)
Extra fee for reservation with Rail Pass: No

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