Ready to visit all the One Piece statues dotted throughout Kumamoto Prefecture? Did you know that you can also purchase One Piece statue figures at a select few stores located near each statue? Here’s the info on where to get your hands on each and every one!

About the figures

Each figure costs ¥2,200 (including tax), so the whole set of 10 will set you back ¥22,000. Each store only offers the figure for one character, which means you can’t just buy all the figures for all the characters at one place. You’ll have to visit each individual shop to buy each figure.

Figures are being manufactured continuously, but individual locations sometimes sell out. Be sure to check the official Twitter account for up-to-date availability info and news on other cool souvenirs.

Where to buy

Courtesy One Piece Kumamoto Revival Project

The above is a list in Japanese of all the places you can purchase each of the figures. The information is current as of August 2023. The English is as follows (click the name for a Google Maps link):





  • Main Gate of Kumamoto City Zoo (gate nearest Chopper statue)
    • Hours: 9AM-4:30PM
    • Closed: Mon (Open if Mon is a holiday, then closed the following day. Also open on the 4th Mon, the closed the following day)


  • Dino Base Mifune (the shop selling ice cream and souvenirs at the park where the statue is)
    • Hours: 9AM-5PM
    • Closed: Mon & Thu (open if holiday then closed the following day)







So that’s all the locations where you can purchase the One Piece statue figures! Because each place has different hours and days it is open, this can make scheduling a tour of all the statues a bit more complicated and will probably require at least 2 or 3 days to get the entire collection. But it’s also a great way to see the prefecture and the roadside stations usually have tasty Kumamoto dishes and local produce and are great places to stop even if you’re not hunting for One Piece statues!

Good luck and have fun!

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