The Sonic Limited Express

The Sonic Limited Express is a high-speed, non-shinkansen train servicing the northeastern region of Kyushu. It runs on the normal train tracks but is substantially faster than local trains, taking around 2.5 hours to go from Hakata (Fukuoka) up to Kitakyushu, then down to Oita City.


  • Feels like traveling in a museum
  • Getting to see a working steam engine up close
  • Passing by elementary schools and seeing all the kids yelling and waving to the train
  • The caboose with floor to ceiling windows
  • Train fans young and old taking pictures as the SL pulls into the station


Quick Facts

Wifi: Yes
Electrical outlets: Yes
Food: No
Included in JR Rail Pass: Yes
Reservations required: No
Extra fee for reservation with Rail Pass: No

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